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PSD Consultants is a boutique staffing agency specializing in SAP and .NET talent for the Fortune 1000 with over 25 years of operations. PSD Independent Experts offer solutions & opinions directly; a team coordinator who filters communications is not offered.

Our core focus is providing key technical staff for large-scale projects with clients in Oil & Gas, Banking, Medical Care, Technology, and Biotech.

Transparency of billing is the founding guideline PSD Consultants stands on. 10% markup on your talent acquisition cost has long been available at PSD, making us unique.  The most talented technical specialists prefer not to tolerate contract placement firms that typically charge 40% or more, and why should you?

This makes a significant difference in the success of your project. With a typical staffing agency, only 60% of your project budget goes directly to the talent needed for project success.

Be assured that 90% of your project budget goes directly to project success. Significantly greater levels of expertise are what a lower markup buys you. Isn’t maximum technical talent with limited budget dollars your goal? PSD delivers more experienced professionals more appropriately compensated.

You will always be guaranteed that 90% of your project budget goes directly to project success when you come to PSD Consultants for your skilled staffing.

Areas of Focus

Our areas of technical focus and expertise

Delivering Value

How PSD Consultants Deliver Value

For Clients...

If you are a company looking for Information Technology or Engineering resources, PSD delivers. When you need contract or permanent, a single resource or an entire project team, look to PSD.

Whether you need someone to fill a position under your guidance, or whether you want someone to lead the way, PSD is ready. Each client has their own vision of the ideal resource partner. PSD can deliver on that vision.

And PSD guarantees a 10% markup on all talent. This means more of your project dollars go directly to technical talent and not to the placement agency!

For Candidates...

If you are a candidate looking for an IT or Engineering opportunity, PSD delivers.  Whether you are looking for a contract position or a permanent placement, look to PSD. We do business with an ‘open book’. This means that you will know the client ‘bill rate’ for your services and our client knows the candidate ‘pay rate’. Plus, we keep our margins as tight as possible.

We have found this combination results in happy clients and repeat business. This repeat business leads to more opportunity for you the candidate.  PSD has a growing list of repeat clients ranging from Fortune 5 international companies to small ‘home town’ companies.


A few of our major clients

Contact Us

How to reach PSD Consultants

PSD Consultants
2218 McClendon St.
[email protected]
Richard Lazear

Since 1991 PSD has successfully delivered unique experts to enterprise information management systems projects.  To the point, our clients have chosen to convert no less than 16 PSD staff members to valued employee status.  Expertise includes design, implementation, training, and support for SAP implementations in the energy and petrochemicals industries.

PSD Consultants

PSD Consultants
2218 McClendon St.
Houston, TX 77030-2935

Founder/Managing Member

Richard Lazear

Richard Lazear

Richard Lazear

Founder and Managing Member

Richard Lazear’s academic training is in Chemistry and Mathematics from Ohio Wesleyan.

For the past thirty years, Richard has been involved in the IT Enterprise Staffing business, Founding PSD Consultants 25 years ago. He has had 72 consultants assigned to projects across more than a dozen Fortune 100 companies over the past few years.

Richard is also very involved in Rotary and has been a Harris County Election Presiding Judge since 2011